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The Story of

YMG TRavels

Group activities

Yashira Melendez, who you will meet further down on this page, created YMG Travels with a vision to bring families  around the US together. The quality time spent together while traveling brings a whole new level to creating memories. When you're able to travel together, you are able to spend sun up to sun down enjoying the day and embarking on the next adventure. No matter if that time is spent with family, friends, co-workers, fellow church or group members, the time is best spent on a trip that pre-planned by an expert. 

Building YMG Travels with a vision like this was no light work. Yashy saw a need for a go-to travel resource for her friends, family, and local community. But her vision was to create vacations like this on a much larger scale. She wanted to reach travel clients around the country which led to the building of YMG Travels, a virtual travel agency. Yashy took her passion and set fourth to find the knowledge she needed to know resorts, ships, and other travel partners. She invested in tools to book and manage travel. And of course, she had to travel to experience the destinations and travel types first hand. YMG Travels has by a part of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) and has been certified as a Certified Cruise Counselor by CLIA (Cruise Line International Association). It's been years of creating to bring YMG Travels to where it is today.

Although we are already on our way to living out of dream job as travel specialists, YMG Travels has ideas to add to our world! YMG Travels will embark on our next goal of creating group experiences! We are a part of several incredible circles with our friends and family, within our Latina community, and with our travel friends. Our vision is to bring people together! We know no other way to do that other than to create a group experience for everyone to join. 

We have a big world to conquer, but like Yashy's favorite destination always reminds us, "It's a small world afterall." Keep up with the YMG Journey by following our YMG Travel Blog and subscribe to our website. We're on a mission to make travel possible for everyone, and we'd love for you to be a part of that. 


Our travelers can share their travel stories through Google or Facebook, or both! By sharing your experience online, especially on both platforms, it helps boosts our growing small business. 

Meet Our Owner

Hi, I’m Yashy!


I am a Travel Agent, cruise addict and Disney fanatic. I was born en la isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico but raised in the Bronx, New York. I am what they call a “Nuyorican.” The beauty in being a “Nuyorican” is that I am blessed to be fluent in English and Spanish.  


Being raised in New York came with traveling perks as would always spend our summers in Puerto Rico. I must admit though, even if Puerto Rico runs in my blood, New York owns by heart since the moment I arrived to the city that never sleeps at the age of 8.  My passion for travel started at a young age thanks to my mother who would always have a vacation planned for every holiday. For 12 

Group activities

years, I worked in the medical field as a medical billing and coding specialist, and it was not till 3 years ago that I realized the corporate world was not for me. I kept looking for my passion, even making my own candles at home, until I realized there was nothing I loved more than traveling. Realizing my passion for travel ran deep and finding myself being gravitated towards the travel industry, I decided that the travel industry was the perfect field for me to be a part of. I can honestly tell you with my creation of YMG Travels, I absolutely found my passion. I love helping others travel and create new memories with their families. I hope to share this with families around the United States as a virtual travel agent. 


My motto is to always say, “Yes to new adventures!” Life is too short to not be happy and experience all the amazing things this world has to offer. Let me be part of your journey by allowing me to plan your next vacation. Believe it when I say we take care of everything for you and all you need to do is pack your luggage.  


Vamonos a explorar el mundo

My World in a Gallery


YMG Travels is proud to be certified with travel industry partners and accredited travel suppliers worldwide. Through these travel companies, Yashira gains firsthand knowledge, certifications, and annual courses on destinations, itineraries, properties, ships, and their ever-changing policies.

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