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What It's All About

A quinceanera is the most important and memorable event that happens in a young Latina woman's life. I know because my quinceanera was the most magical moment for me, too. The special time where you are dressed in your dream gown, dancing with your dad, then changing shoes from flats to heels... it is something you never forget. A ton of preparation goes into planning these extravagant events. 

Latina families today are choosing to take the celebration onboard a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive hotel. The price is comparable to what it costs to host the event close to home, involves less stress in coordination, and the celebration will continue allowing you to focus on making memories as a family. You can choose to still have a party at home, then take a trip with your immediate family. Or, take the whole family along on your trip, allow YMG Travels to handle the details of your plans, and have a blast!

As a proud Latina business woman, planning and managing quinceanera trips is a great honor. I look forward to hosting your group during this amazing time in your little girl's life. 

Why We Love Traveling for a Quinceanera...

  • As a proud Latina, quinceaneras hold a special place in my heart. 

  • When you work with YMG, we handle the trip planning, coordinate your group to sign up, manage your group to prepare for travel, and are standing by to help through every step of the way. 

  • Quinceaneras can be celebrated on a ship, at a resort, at a theme park, or in Europe! There's a world of destinations for your family to choose from. 

  • YMG Travels has close contacts in the travel industry to coordinate your main event. 

  • You have the option to join specialty quinceanera cruises where many families come together to celebrate their girls. These trips happen in April and June! If you want to start planning for next year, let's get in touch. We can reserve space for your family.

  • In addition to the main event, we can plan for other special moments like family activities or pool days. 

  • It will be easy for your guests to sign up for your quinceanera trip with YMG Travels easy booking forms. 

  • You can choose to add on extra trip time before or after your trip to spend more time with your immediate family. 

  • We know the secrets to making your daughter or grand-daughter's quinceanera incredibly special! 

Cruise dining options
Cruise dining options
Cruise dining options

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Planning a Quinceanera

Trips like these require special attention. Here's what we carefully take care of while we manage your trip: 

Trip Planning

  • Planning for Guest of Honor 

  • Planning for Immediate Family 

  • Planning for Family to Come 

  • Adding Group Amenities 

Event Planning

  • Reserving Your Private or Shared Event 

  • Add Dining & Beverage Package 

  • Add Any Special Touches 

Trip Management

  • Guests Sign-Up (within outlined time)

  • Payment Plan 

  • Final Payment Reminders 

  • Travel Guidance 

Before You Go

  • Guest Communication 

  • Travel Documents 

  • Travel & Packing Advice 


Are we hosting a Quinceanera for someone you know?

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