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Family travel tips

What It's All About

A vacation to any theme park around the world brings out the inner child in everyone! Whether you're a family with young ones, a multi-generational family looking to travel together, or two adults just looking to have some fun, we can create the right theme park package for everyone! 

Theme park vacations are best planned in packages which could include travel components such as hotel stays (on or off site), air tickets if needed, car rental, park tickets, meal plans (when they come back), and activities. We help you plan your itinerary including knowing where to go and what to do! YMG knows these things because we too have a special place for theme parks ourselves! Whether you are experiencing the magic of Disney, the wonder of University Studios, or the underwater adventures of Seaworld, we are here and ready to help you plan your theme park trips!

Why We Love Theme Park Trips...

  • As a Florida-based travel agency, YMG Travels is knowledgeable about Florida’s premier theme parks, like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and more local favorites. We are ready with personal recommendations and planning tips to share. 

  • With so much to see and do, you never have to wonder what you’ll be doing next. Ask us about what seasonal experiences are happening during your travel dates!  

  • Park locations are worldwide! Visiting characters and seeing settings you love in a different country is out-of-this-world!

  • The option to stay on park property reduces travel cost and time. 

  • Themed dining and signature restaurants make each moment around a table a memorable experience.  

  • While you'll be WOWed around the parks with all the rides and attractions, adding extra personal activities give you special moments to be proud of. 

  • Hoping from Universal Studios to WDW is possible with the right vacation plans!

  • It's great to add a quick pre-vacation to a visit a theme park before or after a cruise. ​

  • There are also Disney cruises that you can hop onboard! 

  • Nickelodeon has an all-inclusive resort in Mexico that are sure to impress families with kids who have done Disney and Universal already. 

Family travel tips
Cruise line partnerships
Cruise line partnerships

YMG's recommended VACATIONS

Ocean cruises

Walt Disney World 

Ocean cruises

Universal Studios

Ocean cruises

Disney Cruise Line


Amenities to Include

  • Hotel Accommodations 

  • Air Tickets if needed

  • Transportation if needed 

  • Private Activities 

  • Meal Packages if offered

Upgrades to Your Stay  
  • Pre-/Post- Hotel Stays 

  • Multi-Hotel Stays 

  • Cruise add-ons 

  • Private character experiences

  • Make-up or dress up experiences 

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