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5 things first time cruisers must pack!

Finally the day has come and you are ready to start packing for your first cruise. You are extremely excited but keep asking yourself, what to pack? Don't worry we are going to share the first five things you must pack besides, clothes and swim wear.

1. Travel Documents

Your trave documents must be the first thing on your list. It can be hard to imagine, but there are cruisers who have arrived to the port only to find out they are missing some of their documents. The easiest way to avoid problems is to simply have all your documents in one place. To help you stay organized we created a list of all the documents you should bring.

  • Photo ID (passport preferable) / birth certificate

  • Covid-19 Vaccine card (if applicable)

  • Cruise boarding pass

  • Printed luggage tags

  • Flight boarding passes (if applicable)

  • Hotel info (if applicable)

  • Medical insurance cards

  • Travel insurance information

2.Motion Sickness Medicine

If you’ve never been on a ship before, you may consider packing motion sickness medicine. There’s nothing worse than being sick on a cruise, especially on sailing days where you’re at sea for more than 24 hours at a time. Dramamine, is one of the most popular OTC drugs for motion sickness. Another remedies is Transderm Scop, a scopolamine nausea patch applied behind the ear at least eight hours before exposure. The MotionEaze, which isn’t a patch, but is applied on the skin like a patch, and the Sea bands. The easy-to-wear, acupressure-inspired product has a plastic bead that presses against the Nei-Kuan pressure point located on the palm side of the wrist. Users say that it nausea and vomiting without any side effects.

3. Sunscreen

You’ll probably need more sun protection than you think, especially if sailing to the caribbean. Make sure to pack a hat with a brim, sunglasses, sunscreen and a sunburn remedy for warm-weather cruising. Bug spray is a good idea for some shore outings. Sunscreen lotions can be costly to purchase onboard, so make sure to pack an adequate quantity for the length of your cruise.

Keep in mind, that some places like Belize only allow reef-safe sunscreen. Don't forget to put it in your checked bag if you’re flying.


Eventhough flip-flops, sandals and high heels are coming with you, though you should toss some sneakers in your bag so you can enjoy the onboard activites. Some activities like basketball, rock climbing and go-karts will require appropriate footwear.

5. Wrinkle release spray

Travel steamers and irons are prohibited for safety. While some cruise ships have laundromats for passengers to use, many cruise ships don’t. So the next best thing to bring is a travel-size bottle of wrinkle release spray, such as Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray. If you combine a spritz or two with the steam from your shower, you should be able to smooth out some of the wrinkles in your clothing.

You are now one step closer to your next vacation, remember, you’re on a cruise to relax and enjoy, so do your best but don’t over stress. Keep up checking our blog for more cruising tips. Ready to book your first cruise? Visit our website and fill out the trip request form under our manage booking tab and together let's say "YES" to new adventures.

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