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Sailing in the World's Largest Cruise

Updated: May 16, 2022

I'm currently aboard the world largest cruise ship Wonder of the seas and all I can say is WOW. She is absolutely beautiful. This mega-ship brings jaw-dropping excitement and entertainment. Wonder of the Seas has pretty much everything Royal Caribbean offers on any of its ships as well as a few new things. Similar from her sister ship Symphony of the seas but with lots of vibrant colors. The Boardwalk and Central Park outdoor areas, while not new, remain remarkable. The totally redesigned pool deck full of colorful palm trees and cabanas is definitely my favorite place on the ship. The colorful cabanas that can be rented (for a fee) and The Lime and Coconut top-deck is the place to be if you prefer a bit of shade while enjoying a cold drink. But if you prefer a quieter and more relaxing environment you should check out the solarium.

At night, the pool decks come alive in multi-colored lighting and the new big screen TV is perfect for a movie under the stars. Central Park on Deck 8 turns into a romantic getaway to stroll and sample a glass of wine. Wonder of the seas has plenty of activities for everyone in your family. If you are thinking of getting a suite, I highly recommend doing it in this ship because the suite neighborhood is absolutely beautiful. This new area introduces a whole new level of luxury high up in the ship's most prime location. There are many amazing things in this ship and 5 nights are not enough to explore it all.

Something that really caught my attention and I think is a really cute feature is the "Kidjammer". Located inside the Windjammer, they added a station just for kids. It is a great place for kids to feel independent as it is self-serving. I must say their mini desserts looked amazing, and of course I had to try them. Even though this ship is totally beautiful, Symphony of the seas is still my favorite ship.

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Travel Tip

If motion sickness is preventing you from enjoying a cruise vacation, here are some tips to help you ease your mind and body so you can happily enjoy your next cruise. If you feel seasick at the start of your cruise good news is taking over the counter or natural remedies can help you feel better faster. If you are afraid of being seasick you can take the over-the-counter medicine, or your doctor can prescribe a transdermal patch that can be applied a few hours before boarding the ship. One of my favorite tips to avoid motion sickness is wearing the Sea bands. Sea bands are a knitted elasticated wrist band, which operates by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stub. Sea bands can be found in drug stores as well as Walmart or Target. To be honest I had my doubts a first, but I tried them on my first cruise to Alaska and they work like magic. Ginger ale and green apple is also a good remedy for motion sickness. A little pre-cruise homework is a good idea to pack the necessary medications and items to avoid motion sickness but also your travel agent will help you choose a better itinerary, cruise ship and stateroom location to help you avoid motion sickness.

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