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The Key to a Perfect Vacation

How do you put together a great trip? It’s all about balance! Balance is the key to making sure your itinerary is packed with great things but not so packed that you can’t truly enjoy the experience.

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When I coordinate travel plans, I'm that voice of reason letting you know what to add and subtract to your travel itinerary, including rest days. For my clients, I weigh in on what’s worth seeing and what’s worth skipping based on their travel preferences and all of the things I know about how they like to travel. I also love making suggestions for things to see, places to explore, and delicious restaurants that my clients haven’t heard of or thought of. But balance is truly the key to an immersive trip you can enjoy, take in, and not feel even an ounce of FOMO.

On the YMG Travel Blog, we're sharing Yashy's top tips for making a vacation perfectly balanced between relaxation and adventure.


Tips to Balance Your Perfect Vacation with Relaxation

Let's be honest... we travel to refresh and recharge our souls. You can't do that if you're constantly on the go on your vacation. Here are our top tips for relaxing on your trip....

  1. Sneak away for a nap in your suite when you can throughout your trip.  

  2. Take an extra long bath or shower and enjoy your luxurious accomodations.  

  3. Catch the sunrise and sunset at least once each if you can.  Take in the moment as much as possible.

  4. Spend a morning in. Be sure to order room service breakfast the night before (even if there's an extra charge, as in the vacation isn't all-inclusive, it is worth it!).  

  5. Spend quiet time in a quiet lounging area to read or meditate.  

  6. Download a special app for meditation prior to your trip.

  7. Schedule an appointment at a spa and make a day of it with a thermal bath and sauna. 


Tips to Balance Your Perfect Vacation with Exploration

The other reason we travel is to explore and see the things we have always dreamt of seeing! Here are our top tips for adding adventure to your trip....

  1. Get ready to walk and explore! In certain areas around the world, it may be safer to do this while touring with a guide, but the best way to see the world is to experience its culture firsthand. Bring binoculars, refillable water bottles, and day bags.  

  2. Consider to schedule at least one or two excursions. If you're going to do excursions, it is highly recommended to book them through YMG Travels so we're able to manage your multiple reservations.

  3. Balance you activity types to get the full experience.  Consider some water activities and land activities depending on your destination. Consider these main activity types: nature, art, history and food!

  4. Leave plenty of time around scheduled activities just in case they take longer than expected or if you are tired after.

  5. Be careful with wildlife! For your safety and theirs.  

  6. Always charge your phone prior to leaving for an adventure.  

  7. Use your best judgement when interacting with strangers. Don't carry too much extra cash or valuables with you. Utilize your room's safe. 


We're serious about guiding your travels, leaving no detail unchecked. Follow us for expert tips! Here's to a year of relaxation and exciting trips!

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