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Top Travel Destination: Turkey

At YMG Travels, we're always searching for the best destinations. We love setting off on adventures and exploring to share our firsthand knowledge with travelers who plan their vacations with us. We've discovered the next must-visit destination, and we're bursting with excitement to share it with you.

New Top Travel Destination: Turkey

Just like you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't do the same with a country. Turkey is a land that offers an abundance of treasures for tourists. It's long been on our bucket list to witness the colorful landscapes of Turkey. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to casually have a picnic with a backdrop of hot air balloons drifting in the distance? We literally can't wait!

But wait, there's more exciting news to share! YMG Travels is thrilled to announce that we are co-leading a tour to Turkey with our agency besties over at Cruise with Stacy (pictured to the left with Yashira on the right; another friend in the middle). Our shared mission is to explore as many destinations as possible, especially the hottest and trendiest ones. We're determined to travel together, relishing the experience, and reminding ourselves that the world is ours to explore, and we can do whatever we set our minds to! We might even get on a hot air balloon!


Let's Talk About Why Turkey is a Top Travel Destination

What is there to do in Turkey?

Turkey offers a diverse range of activities and destinations. Here are some ideas of what there is to do in each place...

  • Start in Istanbul: Explore the iconic Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar.

  • Illica: Enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastal landscapes.

  • Izmir: Visit the historic sites, such as Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.

  • Bitez: Relax on the sandy shores and explore the charming town.

  • Kos: Take a short ferry ride to the Greek island for a day trip.

  • Bodrum: Visit Bodrum Castle and indulge in vibrant nightlife.

  • Fatih Mah (Istanbul): Experience the local culture in this historic neighborhood.

  • Karahayıt: Enjoy a spa day in the hot springs and thermal baths.

  • Ankara: Discover the capital city's museums and landmarks.

What is there to eat and drink in Turkey?

Turkish cuisine is a delight for all palettes and dietary preferences. Some must-try options include:

  • Kebabs: Try Adana kebabs, shish kebabs, and doner kebabs.

  • Meze: Savor a variety of appetizers, including hummus, tabbouleh, and stuffed grape leaves.

  • Baklava: A sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough, nuts, and honey.

  • Raki: A traditional anise-flavored alcoholic drink.

  • Turkish delight: A sweet confection made of gel and covered in powdered sugar.

What's the nightlife like in Turkey?

Turkey has a lively nightlife scene, especially in Istanbul and coastal cities. Enjoy:

  • Rooftop bars in Istanbul with panoramic views.

  • Bodrum's beach clubs and vibrant nightlife.

  • Traditional Turkish music and dance performances.

  • Nighttime boat cruises on the Bosphorus.

What's the culture like in Turkey?

Turkish culture is a rich tapestry of traditions, influenced by a history that spans empires. Key aspects of Turkish culture include:

  • Hospitality: Turkish people are known for their warm and welcoming nature.

  • Traditional arts: Explore Ottoman architecture, calligraphy, and intricate tile work.

  • Festivals: Witness colorful celebrations like the Whirling Dervishes ceremony.

  • Cuisine: Turkish food is a cultural highlight, emphasizing fresh ingredients and diverse flavors.

  • Bazaars: Haggle at bustling markets and take home unique souvenirs.


Are you ready to travel to Turkey?

Come with us! We're accepting deposits on a once-in-a-lifetime two week travel opportunity to Turkey at a great rate. Grab your bestie or grab your lover and get signed up for Turkey in April 2025! Everything, except flights and some meals, is included in this price! You can expect modern and luxurious hotels and amazing hospitality on our tour!

Deposits are $250 per traveler and final payment won't be due until January 15, 2025. You'll have all of 2024 to make payments and get ready to go!

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